Silent Blue Underlay 3mm

Trojan Silent Blue Underlay 3mm x 1m x 15m2



Trojan Silent Blue underlay is a lightweight high density EVA foam, we recommend to use in conjunction with Trojan Vapour Barrier for high moisture sub-floor. Trojan Silent Blue Plus is attached to a blue vapour barrier with adhesive strip seals the joints to ensure a proper seal from vapour. Both are suitable for laminate, semi-solid and engineered flooring and for underfloor heating systems. Walking noise reduction is approximately 14% and 22db impact sound reduction, ideal for rooms with heavy traffic. Both the Silent Blue and Silent Blue Plus are suitable for underfloor heating systems.
– Easy to lay
– Lightweight high density EVA foam
– Non Toxic
– Provides a cushion between the flooring and the sub-floor
– Overcomes most sub-floor imperfections
– Superior fast traffic sound control
– Impact sound reduction 22db
– Tog rating 0.88